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Paraguayan Center for Canadian Studies
Gral Santos 606 c/ Juan de Salazar.
Asunción, Paraguay

Phone/Fax: (595-21) 202 630

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Centro Paraguayo de Estudios Canadienses (CPEC) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting Canadian Studies in Paraguay through various activities and programs.  CPEC looks to link Canadian academic and cultural groups with those of Paraguay in order to create a dialogue between the two countries.  CPEC works under the same goals and objectives of the International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS) and promotes the many scholarships and grants that it offers.

The International Council for Canadian Studies(ICCS)

The International Council for Canadian Studies is a federation of twenty-six national and multi-national Canadian Studies Associations in thirty-eight countries. The mandate of the ICCS is to promote and support research, education and publications in all fields of Canadian Studies around the world. The ICCS network links over 7,000 academics and researchers. These "Canadianists" publish hundreds of scholarly articles and books on Canadian topics; organize colloquia, seminars and conferences on Canada. These seminars and conferences reach over 150,000 students world wide. The ICCS acts as administrative agent of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) for most of the Department's Canadian Studies Programs. The ICCS also maintains its own scholarships and awards. Headquartered in Ottawa, the ICCS is registered as a non-profit educational organization.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada  (DFAIT)

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (FAC) represents Canada around the world through a network of embassies, trade and diplomatic offices, and through participating in multilateral institutions and international treaties and agreements.  FAC works to promote prosperity and ensure the prosperity of Canadians´and their security world wide.

Become a Member

In order to become a member please fill out the on line membership application form by email, fax or by bringing it to the center.  The fee for one year is 100,000 Guaranies for professionals and 60,000 Guaranies for students. Payment must be paid directly to the CPEC Centre, which is located in Stael Ruffinelli de Ortiz English, General Santos 606, casi Juan de Salazar –Asunción, Paraguay. All memberships will be valid for one year.